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New colors %Balenciaga triple s shoes in 2019 1:1 quality


New styles and colors Balenciaga in 2019 New original data to create a private model can be intuitively contrasted with genuine Balenciaga Triple S Paris family three generations air cushion crystal bottom old thick platform old shoes Paris family new air cushion shoes combined nitrogen outsole visible transparent crystal air cushion. The correct font embroidered thickness, position, size is correct, the side TPU venting hole matching Italian original correct eight-layer separation outsole, TPU soft bottom original consistent “Balenciaga” outsole LOGO three-dimensional full-scale original leather purchase original mesh ! 56lx-52-0601 SIZE: 36 37 38 39 40

When placing order you should leave an optional message with the color code + size + Nihal .

EX :  BTS01 + 40 + Nihal

Link :  http://bit.ly/2ZjmV0R


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